6 Simple & Lazy Steps to Clean Your Laptop

When was the last time you saw your laptop in its cleaner days? The first few weeks after you bought it? It doesn’t matter what laptop model or brand it is – after a while, it will start to look lethargic with screen filled with fingerprint marks, vents covered with cobweb, keyboard filled with dust… and probably some left over bits of chips you ate last month.

Cleaning your laptop only requires less than 15 mins of your time a month, or two (if you’re really laid back).

You will need the following items to freshen up your laptop:

1. A can of compressed air / air duster

2. Isopropyl alcohol

3. Microfiber cloth / soft cloth

4. Toothbrush

Now, before you start the onslaught, please be kind to it – power down your laptop, unplug the power cables and remove the battery if it’s removable. You don’t want the overkill in such operation.

1. Unhook all devices from the ports. They will prevent you from cleaning the ports

2. Use the toothbrush and swap gently on your keyboard to clean away the debris.

3. Use the can of compressed air to clear away the remaining bits and pieces on your keyboard.

Do take note: don’t use the compressed air upside down; you will be shooting liquid propellant that freezes any surface it touches.

Simply tilt it and spray.

4. Next, use the compressed air on all the ports and vent on your laptop.

Those outlets are always good magnets for dust bunnies. Use the compressed air until the ports are nice and clean.

Cleaning them not only make your laptop look fresher, it also improves its performance with better temperature control.

5. Apply a mixture of 50/50 mix of water and isopropyl alcohol on your microfiber cloth or cloth.

Dab the cloth with the back of your hand before proceeding – wipe your keyboard, screen, as well as the surfaces and sides of your laptop. This will help clean away bacteria, and the smudges on your screen.

Rule of thumb – the marriage between water and electronic always ends up in a divorce. Avoid water streaks.

Liquid dripping down underneath the keyboard can lead to disaster.

6. You’re almost there!

Let your laptop sit, don’t shut the lid yet. After it’s dried up, take a good look at it – you will be impressed with the job that you just did – a solid looking laptop!

Give it a try today.

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