10 Dominant Tricks to Boost Your Slow Computer’s Performance

A sluggish computer is one of the most annoying things in the world. You will be glad to know that rather than buying a new laptop and investing huge bucks, you can get it repaired. Yes, you read it right. Want to know how? Check out the 10 quick ways to speed up a slow computer instantly.

1. Uninstall unused programs

Open the control panel’s program and features page. Check all the installed software and uninstall the ones you that are not required. However, be careful to leave the programs your hardware needs.

2. Delete temporary files

Many temporary files accumulate space on your computer, as you do everyday tasks on the PC. These files remain on the hard disk, which results in slowing down the speed of the computer. Eliminate these files by removing them from everywhere including the cookies and internet history. Doing so will bless your system with a large amount of hard disk space that will definitely speed up the PC.

3. Install a solid-state drive

It is important to know that hard drives are the biggest reason behind the snail like speed of a computer. In most of the cases, it lowers the startup speed. Under such conditions, installing a solid-state drive can speed up the startup largely.

4. More hard drive storage

Users who film videos or use the system for recording television series or episodes need to install as large hard drive as available.

5. Prevent unnecessary start-ups

It is obvious to have programs that run on the system during startup. Manually deselect the programs you do not want to load. You can also click the ‘disable all’ option and then select the programs you want to run.

6. More RAM

Add more RAM with an extra memory stick or two. Though the maximum limit is not fixed, you can still go for RAM with 4GB space.

7. Run a disk defragment

This is important to reconfigure the way your hard drive stores information for improved and maximum efficiency.

8. Run disk clean up

Disk Cleanup is run to search for the useless large files such as program installers, temporary internet files, etc.

9. Static IP

Giving the computer a static IP is a good way to speed up the PC. It makes the network easier to manage besides cutting off the startup time.

10. Hoover out the dust

Take off the computer’s exterior and use a hoover on a low power setting to remove the dust. Switch off the system for at least 30 minutes and ensure all cables are disconnected before starting the cleanup.

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